Here, we offer a range of music classes including vocals, piano/keys/synths, drums, bass, guitar, songwriting, recording and more. The teachers have nothing short of international credentials and industry experience. The school itself is equipped with the latest technology, sound treated rooms, professional grade gear and instruments. From a casual beginner to a full fledged music career, Nebulux is here to bring out the music in you. We cover casual learning experiences to recording, to cultivating artistry to professional projects. The options are endless and the resources here are unrivaled in the area.

  Nebulux was created by Jessica Drake Mosher. You can read more about her and her credits HERE. She, her husband and two kids turned a deteriorating commercial, historic building in the town of Spencer into a fresh, inspiring place for music.  After teaching various musical instruments door to door for years, a decision was made to open a facility combining all of the great aspects of spreading musical knowledge and developing artistry, while leaving anything less behind.