Whether it's pop, rock, classical, R&B, opera, jazz, country, Latin, neo soul, blues, folk, funk, gospel - you name it. We do it.

     Whatever the goal - to sing out in church, to audition for a tour, to be a recording artist, or to simply just enjoy singing and develop your voice - we bring you there.

     There are 30 minute and 60 minute STANDARD LESSONS to choose from, where your time will be spent with a professional vocalist that tailors your class to your goals. Your lesson is also equipped with a vocal booth for actual, hands on experience.

   There is also an option to upgrade STANDARD LESSONS into what we call DEMO MODE. DEMO MODE is an upgrade of lessons that steps into a more career driven stride. This class type enables you to record demos with our tools and instructors who have placed music with artists, agencies and major networks like MTV, NBC, and Conde Nast. You will be navigated through project creation, licensing and guided properly on a more career oriented music path.

    See also our SONGWRITING class.